Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Zwolle series I: The School (post by Vera)

The school 22-01-2010

The Dutch school, the Carolus Clusius college, is a very big school compared to the other ones. The school is divided in three parts, the old-, the a little bit less but still old- and the new part. The big boss is of course the principal and after him the vice-principal and after him the coordinators and last but not least the teachers. The Carolus has a long history in fact my dad went to this school and he’s not the youngest person on this planet (recently the school celebrated their 90th anniversary). The school was named after Carolus Clusius, a very important botanist, he travelled a lot so the name of the school is very appropriate. The Carolus Clusius tries to be an international school and projects like the comenius project help to live up to this goal.


I would like to congratulate the Dutch students for their enthusiasm and participation. This is what this blog is meant to.

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