Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas to everybody, that part of it has passed, and Happy new year 2009. Somehow I joined it too. Audra

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


De Portalegre, Portugal, para todos os AMIGOS do Mundo das aprendizagens activas e reais, os votos de um Natal muito Feliz, cheio de Paz e Alegria, e de um Ano de 2009 gordo de êxitos, sucessos e projectos realizados!!!

De Portalegre, um ABRAÇO ALENTEJANÃO!!!


FELIZ 2009!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Merry Christmas from Spain

We're on holiday! Two of our students in the second year (13 years old) have prepared this presentation for you. Our Media students in the higher secondary education are also preparing presentations about Xmas 2008 that we will show you back in January. In the meantime, be happy and have fun. From the IES Augustóbriga we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We also recommend you to watch this video. It's great! A proof that distance no longer matters (unless we create it ourselves...):

Friday, November 14, 2008

This is a view of our town - Portalegre! We are surrounded by hills and we can still hear the birds and the wind. Here, we are trying to build a new world. We'll show here some of our daily routine. Wait for them!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Gladmat festival in Stavanger

Sjømatfristelser på Gladmat - hummer som får tennene til å løpe i vannSjømatfristelser på Gladmat - hummer som får tennene til å løpe i vann

To sum up this years festival in one word; success! The weather was great all the time, 200 000 people visited Stavanger, and we could see smiles everywhere. The police are happy, and the security people had nothing to do. As a foreign journalist said;  - This is the best branding for the Stavanger region as the food capital of Norway you can ask for.

Arne Brimi, the famous chef, said there is nothing like this in any part of the world. - Other places invite great superstars to attract an audience, Stavanger doesn't need it to have 200 000 people visit the food festival, he said.

This year Gladmat has taken the cultural program of the festival to a new level, and people like it. Madeleines Food theatre from Denmark filled up at Tou Scene. The poetry hike to Dalsnuten in Sandnes and the Cultural dinner at Hå gamle prestegard were great experiences.

Gladmat is the place to be to show off news, great traditions and all kinds of food stuff. Welcome back next year!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Here is Portugal

PORTUGAL! Abroad...

Cá está Portugal! Olá ao mundo do sonho!!

Here are the groups of students who went to Bristol and to Stavanger trying to build a new world! They've learned a lot, and they'll never forget that life can be easier if we are closer to each other. Unfortunately, Portugal is the only country in this project not being financed by the European Agency. We pay our dreams... Nevertheless, we go on working and trying to improve our country and our youth. As Martin Luther King once said , "We have a dream!" . So, we are working on it.

Let us tell you some about our project: We are understanding the importance of the differences to build a different world. We've met new friends, new homes and even new families. We've learned new words, new realities and new meanings for friendship. This is our project and we are proud for making part of it
We are looking forward to meeting our friends here, in Portugal, in Portalegre. We are looking forward to telling them about our daily routine and our culture. Please come and visit us!


This blob looks a good way to communicate. Will use it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Stavanger in the Spanish press

You can read the article about the visit to Stavanger published by "HOY, Diario de Extremadura" (obviously in Spanish) by clicking the link below. HOY is the most important newspaper in the region of Extremadura (west Spain) and has published articles about all our visits and everything related to "Identity", both in its printed and digital editions.


Wednesday, October 29, 2008


LA TOMATINA. During our meeting at Stavanger, we were discussing (with James and Andy) new possibilities for our project. We had been talking about "La Tomatina" from Buñol (Valencia) and started to think about strange traditions, celebrations and festivals in our countries. Here we start a new part in Identity: Bizarre Europe.
"La Tomatina" is a festival celebrated in Buñol (Valencia, East Spain). It basically consists of people throwing tons of tomatoes at each other for one hour. It is celebrated on the last Wednesday of August, as a part of the town's festival.
I thought its origin must have some transcendental explanation. I was obviously wrong. As the official website of the region of Valencia explains its origins go back to 1945, when a group of young people who wanted to take part in a parade organised a riot. They used what they had at hand: fruit and vegetables from stalls in the market nearby. They repeated the incident the following year (this time with tomatoes brought from home) being pushed again by the police, and... the following years as well. It became an unofficial festival, and now... it is internationally known!

Hello everybody. If you're reading this, that means this thing works and it's good and useful for us.
The main aim of this blog, as we agreed in our meeting at Stavanger, is to have a permanent, easy-to-access tool to host our multilingual glossary and easily update it whenever we consider it necessary.
However, since we lack of a proper website, this blog will also be a tool to contact the others, communicate, suggest new activities and getting to know each other, which is all this project is about.
I hope to create profiles for more users soon so that we have proper contents and make this blog an interesting place for all the partners in Identity.
Start working!
Best wishes from Spain.