Thursday, February 12, 2009

The New Armada

Centuries after the great failure of 1588 -though falsified and magnified, a failure- that took ships and hundreds of men to the bottom of the Atlantic, the Armada is back in all its glory. The new Spanish Armada are notably our tennis or baskeball players, and latelty, also our footballers, that have passed (miracle?) from being a sad team with a sad game unable to reach the important phases of a big tournament to win the last Eurocup. We witnessed incredulous how the Red reached the final, and how they defeated... Germany! When it finished, everyone fell in a deep silence. We were not used to that. Some minutes later, euphoria took over us and all the country was celebrating that historical occasion on the street.

Now I really think this team can do even better: England played well, they deserved at least one goal in the second half. Spain didn't play that good, but they wisely controlled the game, letting the others run. When that happens, you're watching one of the real big ones. I'm sure that England, when they recover some important players, will be a dangerous team, corageously fighting till the end. See you in Old Trafford. In the meantime, I'm sorry, Bristol. We won, we hit first and we're enjoying the moment!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Last Snows of the Winter?

Remember that movie -"Smoke", 1995- in which Harvey Keitel took a daily photograph of the same corner of his area, outside his tobacconist's? I've been taking this picture all winter long. Because it's being a long cold winter here, like those before the global warming -ha, ha-.

Is it Stavanger, Norway? NO!! It's Navalmoral, West Spain. Not quite the picture foreigners who visit our country -i.e. our beaches- have of South-West Europe. Those mountains are over 2000 mts high and it's been snowing well below the 400 mts. Spain has been suffering wave of bad weather after wave for the last weeks: rain, wind, snow, and low, chilling temperatures. I wonder when it will finish. It usually does -I hope-. We're all looking forward to the weather's warming up a little. And... why not? Those summer landscapes, dreams and beaches.

This blog is meant for all the educational communities at Silainiai, St. Svithun, The Grange, Sao Miguel and IES Augustóbriga (not just teachers). So give us a glimpse of the wintertime in your area! Open your windows to the rest!

Enrique (IES Augustóbriga)