Monday, November 15, 2010

Impressions of Navalmoral (1)

Dear All...

It's been a long time since the pic with this entry was taken, and even more since the previous entry was published. And it's all MY fault, since I haven't done what I had to do when I had to...
Well, it's never too late! Starting today we aim at offering a view of the visit to IES Augustóbriga, Navalmoral and their area, the days we lived intensely.

We thought the best way to start this entry, the first one of SWEE (year 2) was the scan of the article published by HOY on 8 October. We also include a scan of the original pic so that you can download it and have another souvenir for your memory ;)

Next, you will see a small presentation of what we did those days, and in a third entry you will see some of the presentations you made at school.

However... Now is your turn. There's still a second year of life for this project, and our schools (The Grange, St. Svithun, Carolus Clusius College and IES Augustóbriga) are already working on a next project... Next stops are Bristol (19-23 January 2011) and Stavanger (30 March-3 April 2011). Till then... start sending your comments or anything you may consider interesting!